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Hello and welcome.

It’s pretty unnatural having to write about yourself so here goes nothing…

I’ve been shooting professionally for almost 8 years now. One Stop Shot came to mind because I shoot pretty much everything. Look under the gallery tab and click ‘Through the Lens’ and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve shot a lot of various events from automotive races to sports, pets and underwater, as well as portraits and weddings.

There’s nothing better than photographing a wedding and partying alongside two families.

Making photographs makes my heart beat. There’s something about depicting what I see and feel through a lens that just grabs me.

Characterizing my style with a few catchphrases wouldn’t do me, nor you, any favors. I’ll just say this, I make sincere, authentic, joyful images for people wild about each other, and about life.

A couple more details: I’m a child who grew up in the 80’s, blessed to be married to a Queen that allows me freedom to photograph the world and our son that is a becoming a greater man than I could’ve ever been… Besides my family, great coffee, microbrews, and food make my world go ’round… oh, and I’m a sucker for dogs; especially my Pitbull named Kilo(check out his underwater images and prepare to smile).